Case Studies

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Type of Claim: Compulsory third party
Type of Injury: Moderate brain injury
Settlement: Six figure payout
Timeline: 2 years

Rebecca’s mother contacted us about an ongoing CTP claim Rebecca had for a brain injury and other injuries suffered in an accident. Rebecca had received an offer to settle her claim from the CTP insurer. However, she was concerned for her future and didn’t feel that the insurer had offered her fair compensation for injuries, given their serious nature.

Our Approach

We took over all communications with the CTP insurer on her behalf and gathered evidence from third parties in support of her claim.

We obtained:

  • expert medical evidence from a number of specialists
  • factual evidence to prove her case

At all times, we kept Rebecca fully informed and guided her through the CTP claim process.


Within 2 years of Rebecca coming to us, we achieved an out of Court settlement for a six figure sum. The payout was almost 5 times the insurer’s original offer.