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Experts in Defending Recovery Claims by Insurers

If you’re faced with a claim against you by an insurer, you aren’t out of options. We can help you understand your prospects of successfully defending the claim and provide you with information about the claims process. You don’t have to go it alone – we can help.

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How Can We Help

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Our Expertise

Denning Insurance Law lawyers are experts at advising on and defending against insurance recovery claims. We start by giving you clear advice on your potential to successfully defend against claims by an insurer against you, whether arising from a car accident, a workplace incident or another problem entirely. And we can help you advance your defence against even the largest opponents.

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Experienced From Both Sides

We understand how to help because we’ve been on both sides. Our extensive expertise comes from working in house at one of Australia’s largest government-owned insurers, as well as spending years helping businesses and individuals defend these claims themselves.

We understand the strategies and tactics used from both sides and can help you understand how to defend against them.

Experienced Across a Wide Array of Industries

We’ve also worked across a wide array of industries and matters, including motor vehicle, workplace and public liability claims. Because of this we have the skills and expertise to apply a strategic analysis to the issues involved to ensure we are giving you the strongest recommendations for your defence.

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Top Tier Experience

Our experience working in top tier firms, and within large insurance companies, means we’re not afraid to take on the big guys. We understand the industry and we understand the law. And we put those together to help you to stand up against insurers.

Why Choose Denning Insurance Law

Proactive approach to defence | Strategic analysis of issues | Estimates of potential costs | In-house experience | Years of litigation experience and returning successful outcomes

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