Calculating pain and suffering payouts in Qld

Understand how pain and suffering payouts are calculated in Queensland. See pain and suffering settlement examples. Read more.

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Fraudulent insurance claims in Australia

There are serious consequences for insurance fraud in Australia. Here we explore examples of insurance fraud and what may be considered “fraud”. Read more.

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The Insured’s Duty of Disclosure

If an insurer challenges a claim based upon an insured’s breach of its duty of disclosure, it is important to assess that disclosure from the customer’s perspective at the time the policy was purchased, rather than from the insurer’s perspective at the time a claim is being made.

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Caterpillar bulldozer

Liability for labour hire worker transferred pro hac vice to host employer

Parkes v Mt Owen Pty Ltd & Anor [2022] NSWSC 909 The Plaintiff (Mr Parkes) claimed damages for work related injuries suffered at the Glendale …

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How to make an insurance claim

A simple explanation of insurance and what to expect when you submit an insurance claim to your insurer. Read more.

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Workers’ compensation: employee vs independent contractor

When is a person deemed to be a “worker” for workers’ compensation? Here we explore the relevant factors considered for workers’ compensation in Queensland.

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