Our Process

How We Work With You

At Denning Insurance Law we handle your case with a tailored, one-on-one approach to ensure you get the best service and the best outcomes.

All your details are kept confidential and highly secure, and your best interests are kept firmly at the heart of everything we do.

insurance lawyers talking to a client

Initial 30-minute consultation.

Once you contact us, one of our team will promptly get in touch to discuss your matter. Our initial consultation will take approximately 30 minutes and gives you and us both an opportunity to talk through the issues and ask any questions.

If you are calling because of a personal injury, or due to the death of a loved one, this initial consultation will be completely free and up to one hour. In all other cases a reduced fee will be payable for a 30-minute telephone consultation.

Roadmap + Cost Agreement Disclosure

We will create a roadmap of your matter, laying out the personalised, tailored approach and strategies we’ll take to managing and settling your claim, including a timeline wherever possible.

As part of this, we provide a full cost agreement detailing what you can expect to pay in relation to your matter. In personal injury cases, this will generally be a ‘no win no fee’ agreement, and in every circumstance, you will be fully apprised of any outgoings in relation to your case before we begin our representation.The cost agreement provides you with confidence and security as to overall costs and expenses.


At this stage we will obtain documentation from you which authorises us to act on your behalf, gather important evidence and speak to the related parties.

Once we have that authorisation, our representation of you will begin. We will manage your matter from that point on relieving you of the headache and heartache of dealing with the stressors of your claims on a day-to-day basis.

You can expect we will discuss: