Case Studies

man sat on a couch expressing pain due to whiplash
Type of Claim: Compulsory third party
Type of Injury: Whiplash and psychiatric injury
Settlement: Six figure payout
Timeline: 3 years

Peter came to us about making a CTP claim for a high impact collision. As a result of the accident Peter suffered whiplash and a psychiatric injury. Peter required a significant amount of treatment and medication for his injuries. He successfully returned to work after the accident but needed a lot of support.

Our Approach

We started a claim against the CTP insurer of the vehicle at-fault and liability was admitted within 3 months.

We obtained:

  • records from all of Peter’s treating health care providers
  • expert medical evidence from 3 types of specialists
  • statements from family members about the impact of the injuries

At all times, we kept Peter up to date with what was happening on the case and explained the process, to provide him with peace of mind.


Within 3 years of Peter starting his claim, we achieved a six figure settlement, without the need for litigation.  The total payout was more than 4 times Peter’s pre-accident income.