Case Studies

a bike fallen over after being in a car accident
Type of Claim: Compulsory Third Party
Type of Injury: Severe whiplash & rib fractures
Settlement: Six-figure sum
Timeline: Approximately 2.5 years

John was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered severe whiplash and multiple rib fractures.

He came to us shortly after the accident. He experienced multiple hospitalisations, required significant time off work and ongoing injections. John was concerned about his future and despite being in stable employment, he was worried about how he his injuries would impact his ability to work.

Our Approach

Understanding John’s concerns, we gathered evidence to maximise his damages. In his case we gathered:

  • Records from his treating health care providers, including pre-accident records which showed that he was in good health before his accident;
  • Expert medical evidence from an orthopaedic surgeon, occupational therapist and thoracic surgeon;
  • Witness statements;
  • Evidence from co-workers.

John’s case settled approximately 2.5 years after his accident.  We achieved a six-figure settlement with the insurer on his behalf.