Case Studies

a damaged garage after a house fire
Type of Claim: Insurance Recovery Claim
Settlement: Insurer agreeing in writing to abandon its recovery claim against him
Timeline: Within four months

David came to us regarding a house fire which occurred at a rental property, in which he was the tenant.

The landlord’s property damage insurer was pursuing David for the cost of the damage caused by the fire.  David did not have the funds to pay for the damage to the property.  He did not believe that he caused the fire.  He came to us for assistance with defending the insurer’s demands for payment.

Our Approach

In David’s case we:

  • Wrote to the insurer requesting that they provide a basis for the claim against David;
  • Obtained information from the property manager confirming that the cause of the fire was unknown by the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service;
  • Assisted David with resolving his bond dispute with the landlord.

David’s case resolved with the insurer agreeing in writing to abandon its recovery claim against him.  Without any evidence as to the cause of the fire, he could not be held responsible for the damage.  We were able to finalise David’s case within four months.