Case Studies

Injured worker holding his head. Representing the impact of workplace accidents and the need for common law payouts for injured employees
Type of Claim: Public Liability
Type of Injury: PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, Alcohol Use Disorder
Settlement: Six-figure sum
Timeline: Approximately 3 years

Steve came to us after exposure to a highly traumatic event which occurred in host employment.

Following the event, his employment was terminated and his psychiatric injury was diagnosed approximately six (6) months later.

Steve was rightly aggrieved about the traumatic event and held the host employer responsible.

Our Approach

Steve’s reaction to what he was exposed to was completely understandable and felt compelled to help him in anyway possible.

To provide Steve with access to justice we:

  • Submitted a complaint to Workplace Health & Safety Queensland in respect of the traumatic event, which resulted in action against the host employer;
  • Submitted a Right to Information application following the WHSQ investigation;
  • Represented Steve in a claim under the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act against his host employer and its parent company;
  • Made a Right to Information application to the Queensland Police Service;
  • Gathered expert psychiatric evidence in support of Steve’s claim.

Steve’s case was settled at Compulsory Conference. We achieved a six-figure settlement sum with the host employer’s insurer, on his behalf.