Case Studies

Workers' Compensation Common Law Claim – Back Injury Payout Qld
Type of Claim: Common Law Workers’ Compensation claim
Type of Injury: Back injury
Settlement: Six-figure sum
Timeline: Outcome within four months

John came to us about a lower back injury he suffered in a workplace accident. He had an accepted claim for statutory benefits and was worried about his future. John engaged us to represent him in a common law claim against his employer.

Our Approach

We worked with John to understand the facts around his claim and the outcomes that he needed to support his recovery financially. We created a personalised, strategic approach to attain those results. To undertake his case, we gathered evidence in support of his claim, including:

  • Records of treating health care providers;
  • Witness statements;
  • Expert evidence.

We utilised our expert negotiation techniques to work with John’s employer and insurer without the need for extensive court hearings.


Within four months of commencing his common law claim, John’s case settled through informal settlement negotiations with the insurer for a six-figure sum. The settlement was almost 5 times as much as the insurer’s offer in the Notice of Assessment.