Case Studies

Permanent Impairment Assessment
Type of Claim: Workers’ compensation common law claim
Type of Injury: Neck injury
Settlement: Six-figure sum
Timeline: Outcome within 10 months

Sarah contacted us about a serious neck injury she suffered in a workplace incident after many years of repetitive work.  She had underlying degeneration which was asymptomatic, before an increase in her workload brought on significant symptoms and she required surgery.  Sarah had an accepted workers’ compensation statutory claim which come to an end and came to us seeking representation in a common law workers’ compensation claim.

Our Approach

In Sarah’s case we gathered:

  • Records of treating health care providers;
  • Expert medical evidence;
  • Expert liability evidence.

At each step of the way in Sarah’s case, we assessed what further evidence was required to prove her injury was caused by her employer’s negligence.


Within ten months of commencing her common law claim, Sarah’s matter settled at a settlement conference with the insurer for a six-figure sum. Her payout was more than 16 times greater than the offer in the insurer’s Notice of Assessment.