Qld CTP Claim Time Limit and Claim Timeframes

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If you’ve been injured in an accident, it is critical to submit a claim before your Qld CTP claim time limit expires. 

This article provides general information about CTP claim time limits and timeframes for resolving these types of claims. However, this article is not legal advice and a claim brought out of time may be barred from proceeding. Always seek legal advice specific to your circumstances. 

What is the Qld CTP claim time limit?

Under the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994 (Qld) claim must be commenced within the earlier of:

A general limitation period also applies in CTP claims. If the at-fault vehicle was registered, then a general three (3) year limitation period

Because of the strict limitation period applicable to claims involving unregistered vehicles, it is important to do a search to correctly identify the CTP insurer as soon as possible. Failing to do a search to confirm the CTP insurer can result in a claim being brought against the wrong insurer and claims being out of time. 

Once engaged to act, personal injury law firms like Denning Insurance Law can perform a search to identify the proper CTP insurer. 

What is the Qld CTP claim time limit for a claim against the Nominal Defendant?

If the vehicle was unregistered, there is a strict nine (9) month limitation period
So if you are in any doubt about whether the vehicle at-fault was registered or, the vehicle cannot be identified, seek legal advice as a matter of priority.

Can I claim for an accident after three (3) years?

If the accident happened when you were under 18 or you have been under a legal disability, you may be able to make a claim.
There are other limited circumstances in which a claim can be made outside of a limitation period, however, it is essential to obtain legal advice particular to your circumstances as soon as possible. Urgent legal steps may need to be taken to protect your interests.

How long does a CTP claim take?

The length of a CTP claim is generally between 12 and 18 months. However, every claim is different and there are a number of factors which can impact the duration of a claim, such as:

In 2022 to 2023 financial year, licensed CTP insurers reported the average claim duration for CTP claims was under 17 months to settlement. 

This table shows the average claim duration by insurer for 2022 to 2023:

Insurer Months to finalise
Suncorp Insurance 17.7
Allianz 17.2
QBE 15.8
RACQ 15.9
NRMA 16.4

According to the Motor Accident Insurance Commission’s Annual Report for the 2020-2021 year, 50% of claims against the Nominal Defendant were resolved in under two (2) years.

There are a number of factors which can affect how long a CTP claim lasts including:

In an initial consultation, we can provide you with our initial views about how long your claim may take to resolve based upon our experience with handling similar cases. 

CTP claims against Allianz

How long does it take to get paid after a settlement?

If you achieve a settlement with a CTP insurer in respect of your injuries, you will sign a Release. The Release will explain the agreed time for the insurer to pay settlement monies.

Both parties will be required to obtain statutory clearances from all bodies that have paid benefits to you, or on your behalf (e.g. Centrelink, WorkCover Qld). 

From the time a Release is signed to the time of payout of compensation, is usually around four (4) to eight (8) weeks. However, this is a general guide only and the Release will not require the insurer to pay settlement monies until 21-28 days from when all clearances are received. 

Do I need a lawyer for a CTP claim?

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission reports that over the years 2013 to 2023, around 80% of people who made CTP claims were represented by a lawyer. 

Our experience is that CTP claims settled against self-represented individuals settle for significantly less than those claims by individuals who are legally represented.  Check out some of our recent case studies to see examples of this. 

Due to legal issues that can arise in the course of a CTP claim, it is generally advantageous to have an experienced personal injury lawyer represent you throughout the process.

A CTP lawyer can explain your rights and obligations, along the way and ensure that nothing is missed. Also, in many claims a proportion of your legal costs are recoverable from the insurer.

Although online articles like this contain a lot of useful information about CTP claims, there is no substitute for legal advice from an experienced lawyer which is tailored to your individual circumstances. Until you speak to a CTP lawyer – you simply “don’t know, what you don’t know”

To speak with our Principal, Kate Denning about your motor vehicle accident, call us on (07) 3067 3025. As insurance lawyers, we can also assist with your property damage or income protection claim, if required. 

What is a CTP lawyer?

A CTP lawyer is a lawyer who represents clients in personal injury claims relating to road accidents. These lawyers often have years of experience with handling CTP or general personal injury matters. Finding a CTP lawyer in Brisbane requires research and consultations. 

Denning Insurance Law was founded by former in-house CTP insurer, Kate Denning, so we know precisely how best to protect and prosecute your interests. In CTP claims we:

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