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On appeal: liability for labour hire worker transferred pro hac vice to host employer

In certain circumstances, host employers can be found entirely responsible for injuries to labour hire workers on their sites.
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Man on the phone making CTP Claim for the car accident

Claiming car hire after an accident in Australia

Discover the legal rights you have to claim car hire expenses from an at-fault driver following a car accident in Australia.
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marijuana representing driving with THC in the system in Qld

Can my CTP Insurer sue me if I am “under the influence”?

In Qld, if a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they can be pursued by a CTP insurer for recovery of compensation ...
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Lego men representing duty of care by employers to employees

The Duty of Care owed by Employers to Employees

In Australia, employers owe a duty to employees to prevent a foreseeable risk of injury. Where they fail to do so, injury, claims and damages ...
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Permanent Impairment Assessment

Getting a CTP Payout in Qld

Find out what the average Qld CTP claim payout is, get a list of actual Qld CTP compensation payouts and check out of our answers ...
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CTP Claim Time Limit Qld

Qld CTP Claim Time Limit and Claim Timeframes

Know the Qld CTP claim time limit and ensure it isn't missed. In this article, we provide information about when a claim must be made ...
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