Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Qld

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims in Queensland: Your Comprehensive Guide

Navigate the complexities of motor vehicle accident claims in Queensland with our all-inclusive guide. Discover crucial details about CTP claims, the step-by-step claim process, time ...
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Calculating economic loss

Are Compensation Payout Calculators reliable?

Find out why you shouldn't rely on compensation payout calculators. We've tested the claim calculators online and here are the results.
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empty train carriage

Child fell from train after being caught between closing doors

The HCA has upheld the appeal of a child by his tutor for injuries sustained in a fall from an intercity electric V-set train. Read ...
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‘Following car’ 75% to blame for unsafe overtaking manouevre

Projectile case not regulated by motor accident legislation

Sarah Hornby brought an application to declare that the MAIA regulated her claim for personal injuries. Read about the case and findings here.
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