For rent sign representing the arrangement considered in Walsh v Yang

Tenant sues landlord for injury (and their insurer)

The recent Walsh v Yang & Ors [2023] NSWDC 307 ruling provides a comprehensive examination of the responsibilities of homeowners, the nuances of policy exclusions, ...
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Laptop and stethoscope side by side, symbolising the intersection of law and medicine in the Hastwell v Parmegiani case.

Expert witness immunity in Australia

Dive into the landmark Hastwell v Parmegiani case, shedding light on the nuances of expert witness immunity in Australia. A must-read for professionals at the ...
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Caterpillar bulldozer

On appeal: liability for labour hire worker transferred pro hac vice to host employer

In certain circumstances, host employers can be found entirely responsible for injuries to labour hire workers on their sites.
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Man on the phone making CTP Claim for the car accident

Claiming car hire after an accident in Australia

Discover the legal rights you have to claim car hire expenses from an at-fault driver following a car accident in Australia.
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marijuana representing driving with THC in the system in Qld

Can my CTP Insurer sue me if I am “under the influence”?

In Qld, if a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they can be pursued by a CTP insurer for recovery of compensation ...
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Managing indemnity disputes after Highway Hauliers

Where ‘own occupation’ not defined in income protection insurance policy

Insureds must demonstrate an ongoing incapacity for their own or any occupation in income protection insurance policy. Here we consider the thresholds consumers must meet.
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