group of lawyers negotiating a final offer

Making a Mandatory Final Offer in Queensland

In Queensland, parties to a personal injury claim are required to make a ‘mandatory final offer‘ or ‘written final offer‘ (MFO). An MFO is made ...
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WorkCover Qld Death Benefit

Making a Workplace Death Claim in Qld

Understand the Qld death payout amounts recoverable by dependants through the workers' compensation scheme in Qld.
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Escalator in a shopping centre. Public Liability Claim Qld

Making a Public Liability Claim in Qld

A step by step guide to public liability claims in Qld. Find out what compensation can be claimed and what you need to prove.
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Man on the phone making CTP Claim for the car accident

Making a CTP Claim in Qld

Injured in an accident? Find out about the CTP claim process, as we answer some of the FAQs by our clients. Read more.
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doctor examining back pain xray

Workers compensation payout for shoulder, hip and psychiatric injury

A Qld worker received a payout of $482k for shoulder, hip and psychiatric injuries suffered when catching a 70kg bunch of bananas. Read more.
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person reading through a legal document

Legal and financial capacity in a personal injury settlement

Adamson v Enever & Anor [2021] QSC 221 This decision relates to an application to the Supreme Court of Queensland for orders concerning the Applicant’s ...
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